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By the year 2000, Ernie Hines (singer/songwriter/guitarist) had been a recording artist for over thirty years. First on the USA Record’s label, then on the Stax Record’s label - Help Me Put Out The Flame (In My Heart) /A Better World (For Everyone), as well as on the We Produce Record’s label - Electrified Love, and Our Generation (covered by John Legend & The Roots, 2010). To hear or purchase the twice reissued album: Electrified Ernie Hines, search Ernie Hines,, etc. Ernie’s recordings are on the walls of the Stax Museum of American Soul Music in Memphis, Tennessee.

Ernie came to Chicago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (by way of Jackson, MS), in 1966, after being offered a contract to record some of the songs he had written and composed. It was suggested by noted arranger Johnny Pate that he setup his own music publishing company. So Ernie created Colorful Music Publishing; as well as Baby Blue Records, the label he would record on years later. Ernie has more than a hundred songs to his credit.

In 2000 Ernie’s attorney, Dale Golden, combined the two BMI affiliates; and Colorful Music/Baby Blue Records (CMBBR, Inc.) was launched!

In 2002 the first CD released on Baby Blue Records was an R&B/Reggae soul song, and a Calypso flavored up-tempo dance tune; My Baby Wears the Lovin’ Crown & Can You Put It to Music? From earlier recording sessions and now considered a collector’s item.

In 2004 the R&B/Gospel- Christian Rock- Contemporary- 12 songs CD, There is a Way - Inspirational Songs of Faith Hope and Love, was released on the Baby Blue Records label. It includes the patriotic song, I Love America.

In 2009 Ernie made available the northern soul songs he first recorded in Chicago, a CD entitled: The Singles (The Early Years). It includes Thank You Baby (For a Love beyond Compare), We’re Gonna Party, Rain Rain Rain, & Sincerely Mine. Still in 2009 Ernie released never before heard music from his master tapes (the 80’s live studio recording session) on Baby Blue Records, entitled: Kunta Kinte - Remembering “Roots”, in light of the Barack Obama presidential election. Included is a cover of the country/pop hit song, Let Your Love Flow, recorded with the band Concentrated Sound.

In 2011 Ernie released a single - Everlasting Love (The Wedding Song) - from his upcoming album of the same name, and a Christmas song for the ages; Jesus, The Christ Child (Spirit of Christmas). So stay tuned!

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