God Damns All Idol Worshippers: Sinners He Still Loves

For the LORD God is a jealous God. And He has said, “Thou shall have no other god before me.”

America: Founded on the principles of the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai. In the very first and second of these commands, God makes it clear when he says, “You must not have any other god before me.” And, “You must not make for yourself an idol.” (Exodus 20:3, 4) NLT

What made America great? It was the love of God and country, and the vision of our founding fathers. In spite of its inner turmoil and conflict the U.S.A. is a beacon to those who seek freedom and a better way of life. God has blessed America and it is truly a country that has received His love (the Love of God is every where).

But something has happened. No Ten Commandments in our governmental establishments? God is taken out of our Pledge of Allegiance, and the Lord’s Prayer taken out of our public schools. Even our Chaplain is forbidden to invoke the name of God through Jesus Christ in military prayers. Why? For fear of being offensive to religious sects who will do anything and pay any price to be a part of the Great Melting Pot that is America.

Yet we wonder why our beloved country is in a deep recession and our people out of work. Why jobs are being out-sourced to other countries and businesses here going “belly up!” Why the fat cats keep taking and not really giving, with few exceptions. “Looking out for No.1”, I think that’s what they call it. But earthly treasures you can’t take with you.

I think our Creator is not pleased with the ways of the world; especially with us here in America, a land that He has blessed so bountifully with riches even beyond our wildest imagination. I believe God is not pleased with the paths some leaders of our country have chosen to take us down. And it appears that we have turned away from Him.

So come on, “How about it neighbor,” let’s go back to God. He still loves us in spite of our secular proclivities and sinful nature, and is willing to forgive if we repent. It’s not too late; not while we are still living. Christ died for our sins, but rose again. So there is hope even for the lost.

And finally, for me, political correctness means loving, respecting and praying for my fellowman; Christian or otherwise. I believe in being biblically correct as the Bible states it. These are the principles we should be bound by. It seems liberalism, in some cases not all, has led a lot of people into a cesspool of lustful immorality. America needs to reinstitute moral standards of decency and get its act together for the sake of our children, and for generations to come. Our holy God requires it.

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