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Who am I? Getting To Know Each Other

Friday, January 16th, 2009

My name is Ernie Hines. I write, sing, and compose. Through my music I help people know the truth. People who buy my CDs or see my performances are apt to refine their lifestyles. Please introduce me to church, school, college, and community people who desire to make a difference in the world; who wants to store up treasures in heaven.

Welcome to my little corner of God’s big world, and my blog.  Neighbors, you are welcome, come on in; meet my sisters and my brothers in Christ.
Make yourself at home as you visit my new State of the Art, Web Site - - and many thanks to R & R Web Design LLC (and thank you, Robin).

I welcome your comments as well as your feedback. And be as I am thankful to God for each new day.