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There Is A Way

Ernie Hines: There Is A Way

Baby Blue Records
Gospel/R&B Christian Traditional Alternative
Inspirational Songs of Faith, Hope & Love

$12.97 $9.99

A heartfelt, soul inducing, change affecting CD of twelve stirring songs for a global world in troubled times.

There Is A Way Song Previews

1. He Shed His Blood (On Calvary)
2. His Kingdom Will Come
3. Itís Me (Standing in the Need of Prayer)
4. Your Servantís Prayer (A Testimonial)
5. Iíll Thank My Loving Savior
6. Close to Thee
7. Iím Going Home
8. The Cross in My Pocket
9. O Wicked Man
10. I see the Day
11. I Love America
12. He Shed His Blood (revisited)

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There Is A Way - Inspirational Songs of Faith Hope & Love CD by Ernie Hines

There Is A Way

Inspirational Songs of
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